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- Erica Johnson, MA, LMFT

My highest priority is to build a genuine connection with you that fosters openness, trust, and compassion around your vulnerabilities, at your own pace – to provide a refuge where you can begin to develop curiosity and awareness around the stuck patterns in your story, how you engage with others, and with yourself. Seeing you as the expert of your own experience, I look forward to supporting and collaborating with you to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and with the people in your life that matter most.

Turn your challenging past into a fully engaged present

Kindred Connection
Inherent Worth
Natural Liking

Drawing from humanistic and systemic principles and evidence-based treatment methods, Affinity’s unique individualized use of modalities and therapies work to help you process difficult circumstances, recognize triggers, understand pervasive thoughts and feelings, heal, and embrace a healthy emotional life.

You are your own catalyst for change

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